I am rearranging our ipMonitor hierarchy, and currently have it set up as follows.

1. A hierarchy of devices sorted by location. Dependencies on pings and local routers

2. A Hierarchy of smart groups with no dependencies that group the monitors by other conditions

ipMonitor has to alert several groups of people so alerting is arranged as follows

1. The systems alert monitors everything in the hierarchy of devices

2. Groups 1-4 alerts watch their designated groups in the alert hierarchy


My question is, if a router goes down, systems will only be alerted about that, and not everything lower down the tree, but will Groups 1-4 receive an alert for everything? The monitors have dependencies, but not in the specific group that the alerts reference.

Please let me know if the problem is not clear, and thanks in advance for youer help :)

  • Hi ChrisR99,

    I am not sure if I've understood your scenario correctly but I think I can still answer your question.  Basically, if a Monitor is dependant on another Monitor which is presently failing, all alerting will be suppressed on the former.  Even if the Monitor is a member of 12 different groups and 8 different Alerts, as soon as any of its Dependencies fail, the Monitor's Alerting will be supressed... unless it fails before the Dependency of course.

    Does this answer your question?

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