How do you disable alerts on a single monitor in a device?

Hopefully this is a simple question...

I created a new device with a bunch of the default scanned monitors.  An alert rule is set on the group folder so that any device monitors created in this folder will e-mail us 24-7.  So far, it's a pretty standard device setup, I think. 

Unfortunately, the memory usage on this particular device spikes throughout the day and alerts/e-mails our team every time there is a spike.  We would like to disable alerting, but still maintain the monitor to track trends and create reports.

So, my question is -- Is there an easy way to disable alerting for a single monitor within a device? (when alert settings are inherited from a parent group)

Here's my thought process so far:

  • Set "Maximum Alerts to Send" on that monitor to "0" -- However, this doesn't stop an e-mail from telling us that the device is "back up" once every hour.
  • Set the threshold for triggering this Monitor Alert very high -- But this messes up the reports, telling us the device was always up.

I'm new to ipMonitor, but I can't find a good answer in the manual or help menus.  Am I just missing something?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!