Mass edit monitor properties drop spaces

Hi- I'm trying to add the server name to the beginning of a list of monitors I've added to ipMonitor. I'm running Version 10.0 build 1371.

I use Pre-append to add the server name. The first page preview looks right, but on the second page, it drops the space between the server name and the monitor name. s

  • The workaround to this problem is quite easy and only requires a single invocation of Mass Edit.

    Assumptions: The name you want to add is "abc"  Also, the name "def" does not appear anywhere in these existing names.

    1) Start a mass edit on the group desired.

    2) Select "Pre-Append" and replace with "abc def"

    3) Click "Add New Rule"

    4) Select "Sub-String Replace" and "def" and leave the replace with box blank.