How to reconcile subnets?


   another question... after an import of the monitors from version 8.5 I'd like to reconcile the subnets, beacause they're not consistent with all the monitors...

How can I do that? To assign monitors to subnets according to the ip of the monitors/devices?



  • Hi,

     ok, I understood what happened... now all the devices I have are a Device Name which is the ip address or the network name of the device, and in the "Device Properties", the "Primary ip" is empty. This is why the devices are not assigned to the subnets... All this devices were imported from version 8.5.

    Is there any way or tool to set to the devices its own ip address?



  • Hell Michele

    Normally, it would require a person to edit each device and input the ip addresses. However, it's my understanding that if you:

    1. Do a network scan of your network that should contain these devices
    2. Let the scan complete and allow import all the found devices
    3. Next, you may need to select the devices and rescan. I believe it's this step that's required to have the software automatically push in the missing properties after the upgrade (as you describe the state of your install).

    Rescanning the devices will take some time, but you can just let it go in the background. Your session on those pages have been crafted in a way so they won't let your session time out.

  • Hello Peter,

        thanks, it works... the only thing where do not work is with virtual ips (ex.: HRSP ips from multiple routers), for the rest it worked!

    Thank you very much,