Adding Monitors with no parent Device

Hi there!

I have just installed a fresh version of IPMonitor 9 to R&D ready for a migration and I am unable to create  new monitors unless I create them under a device.

Is this by design?

So far the only way I have been able to acheive this is to create custom XML import files. We primarily monitor >500 web sites that often migrate between physical machines so it is impractical to have them reside under devices.

Any help & advice appreciated


  • Hi Stu,

    You are correct that this is by design.  However in situations like yours there is nothing preventing you from adding all your monitors under one device as they can each have their own address and credentials. 

    You can add a device manually for this purpose by choosing "Add device immediately without scanning" in the add new device wizard.

    Then in the custom XML import files you are creating you would simply add a parentid xml value that is equivalent to this new devices id so that they are added to the device.



  • I had a similar situation as yours and just added a device using (localhost) and chose not to scan. Monitors were then added to this device.