Types of Alerts for certain monitors

I have e-mail alerts configured for all events to go to our admins mailboxes.  I want to setup addidtional alerts for it to send all alerts EXCEPT for CPU / Memory triggers to their phone txt e-mail addresses as well.  Can I configure IPmon to only send certain monitor alerts to the txt e-mail address?  I want them to be txted for space / service down events, but just e-mailed for CPU / Memory events.


Also, has anyone periodically gotten errors on device monitors where you get "The RPC server is unavailable; oserror: 0x6ba."  The only way I can fix this is to delete the device, and re-add it.

I'm running IPmon 10 on Windows 2008 R2


  • Hi CourtS - You could accomplish this by creating smart groups that only contain monitors of a certain type. Then create alerts that act on the smart group. If your install is quite large, you might want to steer clear of smart groups though, as they will add overhead. 
    If your install is small you could also just create normal groups and manually add monitors you want.