Will there be a delay in IPmonitor to generate alerts and send emails??


I have a query with regards to the email alert

>> query for token Monitordownlength gave me 3.08 minutes when the alert was triggered.

i.e. This was the first email I received when the alert triggered which had the monitor length down time of 3.08 minutes. My query is that if the alert is triggered once the thresholds are met, then why is there delay in the email..

Or is the delay the calculation equal to the time taken to satisfy the threshold settings + 3.08 Minutes

Why is there a 3.08 minutes delay for the alert to generate the alert?

The settings are

Last-Value Threshold

Max CPU Usage (%)


Short-Term Threshold (for smoothing out spikes)

Max CPU Usage (%)


Sample size



With regards to the above setting is the alert email time = 5 minutes + 3.08 minutes???t i



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  • Email alerts are generated like this:

    1) any monitor does tests periodically.
    2) there is a value (numeric field) indicating the number of monitor fails when alert is triggered.
    3) alerts, assigned to a monitor,  are executed one by one.
    4) at the same time, they may get a delay in email because of email service queue

    It would be helpful to see your logs and to know if you're getting the same delay with other alerts (say, appending text-file and see modification date of the file).  I would recommend opening a support ticket.