SQL server Data Access to IPMonitor 7.5

We have ipmonitor 7.5 in our company that NOC use to monitor certain devices and they generate a monthly availability report that they export out to Excel and then take the average uptime percentage which they present in a chart. We are trying to export the data out of IPmonitor and into a data warehouse server (SQL Server) for reporting and data analytics. Is there a driver that I could use to connect my SQL server (2008 R2) to the ipmonitor databases/files. They have an ipmdb extension. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated

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    There is no direct exporting of data from ipmonitor.  It's in flat files in a unknown format that is not documented for the public. 

    If someone from solarwinds were to stop by and answer your question, they would tell you to look into orion, because that product does support what you want to do. 

    Take a look at the reporting functions, as they might be able to help you produce a report that shows what you want, then you could write a program to parse the report and insert the data into your sql server database.  

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  • Term is correct.  ipMonitor is a custom database, so there is no driver and no schema is exposed.

    Also Term is right, Orion does use SQL and does provide what you are looking for.

    Sorry for the delayed response.