How to email results of an SQL query


We run a licensed copy of ipMonitor and have been running it for around a year now.

Many of our 'monitors' connect to a database and perform an SQL query. The results of the query can of course be tested (I.e. does column 2, row 1 have a positive integer for example).

Whilst the monitor itself may run well and alerts to when the data is wrong, is it possible at all to have ipMonitor email the returned table of data?


This is really very important for us as whilst it is important to know that some data is outside of expected values, the overall table of data needs to be manually inspected by a support person to be able to actually diagnose and fix the root cause.

Currently it is driving us nuts having to manually load up the appropriate SQL utility, connect to the database and retrieve the same table of data that ipMonitor has already retrieved and analyzed every time an alert is generated.


I understand it would be hard and largely impractical to store the table data in the ipMonitor database as it is not possible to predict the returned table structure etc.

However if you are able to test fields in the table data etc, then the table returned from the SQL query must be in ipMonitor’s memory, thus there should be no technical reason why ipMonitor could not also email the entire table when the test element fails for example.

Is this possible? If not, can you make it possible?


We have a full support agreement so please let us know if you need our software support codes etc.


Thank you for your time.