SNMP Trap monitoring

I've already asked this question in a support request to Solarwinds for v.8.5, but now with 9.0 being out hopefully things have changed and maybe there is a solution/workaround.

We need ipMonitor to listen to SNMP traps sent by SonicWall firewall/router. ipMonitor receives the trap (according to snmptrap.log, but records it as "Invalid SNMP Trap Received". As Solarwinds support suggested, the reason is that SonicWall sends its traps in SNMPv2, which is not supported by SNMP Trap monitor. Is there any workaround for that except for installing a syslog server somewhere on the network and having ipMonitor look at its log file? We really want to get rid of all heterogeneous monitoring tools/utilities and switch everything to ipMonitor (and this is one of the reasons we purchased ipMonitor recently). In case Solarwinds has plans to have a patch/fix/upgrade for SNMP Trap Monitor, could a timeline be announced please?

Thank you!