ipMonitor support on Windows 2012 R2?

The installation guide says that Windows 2012 is supported. But its unclear if Windows 2012 R2 is officially supported.

Also, the release notes do not say anything about adding support for Windows 2012 or R2.

I'm looking to migrate an existing ipMonitor away from Windows 2003 and onto the latest supported version. Should I use 2012 or 2012 R2?

  • I would use Server 2012 as that version we ran through a QA testing cycle.  It could be that 2012 R2 works just fine, but I cannot guarantee it as it has not been fully tested against.

  • Has Solarwinds verified server 2012 R2 is compatible?  

  • With Mainstream support for Server 2012 and R2 being two years after N+1, and Server 2016 released in September 2016, what happens in October 2016 when Mainstream support from MS stops?

    Wonder how hard it would be for a "maintenance release" that included a couple of the previous requests, buddy releases such as TLS 1.1,  keeping and showing values for external scripts - and support for Server 2016 (which gets MS support to Sep 2021).

    It is an ominous day when even serverscheck has manager to pass IPMONITOR in systems supported. It has progressed to include Server 2016 support and is looking towards taking over the mantle of "best value supported low cost monitoring solution"; including options such as AWS monitoring that the stagnated IPMONITOR is noticeably missing.

    Given I can purchase serverscheck for less than the maintenance cost for IPMONITOR, I for one will be watching the progress of both between now and September.