WAN Miniport Interfaces show down on remote server after reboot even though they are up and their interface didnt change.

With several servers we are having an issue that right after a reboot the WAN Miniport shows down.The interface never returns at this point even though the server is operating fine. When I co click Select next to the interface and get the list if found interfaces I find two entries for the WAN Miniport IP (if:8). I just choose the one that is up and everything is fine until the next reboot. This can get very tedious though as it has to be done on several servers every time we do patching. IT also has to be done to the WAN Miniport IPv6 (if:?) ports as well. (? = whatever the system is set too, it never changes, but I don't know that every install is the same)

Has anyone found a workaround for this issue or experienced this behavior? It is different than some other posts about interface numbers changing since in this case the interface numbers are not changing. It is almost like there is some kind of ID that is changing.