Monitor DB servers and know the primary\standby


     i have a punch of database servers (Windows/Linux) and these nodes have been sorted as primary and standby

for example

i have :

DB Instance NameVnameCurrent Active Node NameIP AddressCurrent Non-Active NodeIP Address

how i can implement this on solarwinds so i can monitor and creat a map regardinng.

please advise if there is a way to implement this

  • Hello Bsawaqed,

    How are you able to monitor this visually?  Is it via a web page, a database query, the VM Ware interface?

    If you can offer more information as to where the information is coming from, I can perhaps provide a solution or an idea.

    Let me know.



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  • actually, my DB info as before, i need to monitor this, for example US country i have TNS-ping file has all the DB instances ,,, theses DB instances are taking data from Virtual name DB in my company records, ping this vname db leads to primary/standby node(database). i need to monitor this vname and when failover happened from SW i need to confirm that this the failove DB ,

    if i was on standby server as vname then i failover the primary db will appear as the active node .

    in map contain this data on SW i can see for example the 2 db nodes and the active with light indicates that.

    that's my request, please help/advise

  • Bsawaqed,

    TNS-Ping?  That sounds like Oracle.  Are you able to see the status for each database via an SQL query?  If so, you could use the ADO Query Monitor to query the status of each database.  The only concern is what to use as a threshold?  If value of Row x is equal to 'Primary', pass.  If otherwise fail?  This would result in Monitors for databases that are not the primary to constantly fail until their status changes.

    The other option, which would pass Information Notifications instead of Failure Notifications would be to use a File Watching Monitor, an Event Log Monitor or an SNMP Trap Monitor.  This is assuming your database servers can submit database status changes via an SNMP Trap, a text file or an Event Log.

    Hope this helps.

    Chris Foley

  • Chris Foley,

    thanks alot for your help.

    i will try this, if i have any issue\concerns i ll get back to you.