simple remote control to disable/enable monitors

i am looking for a simple script to remotely enable/disable monitors.  at any given time 100+ people can be working on servers within our dept (taking them down, rebooting them, etc.) and they want to be able to disable the monitor when doing so temporarily so it does not affect ipmonitor.  we need this so that it doesn't affect metric reports like server uptime also.  so basically we want a simple method to remotely temporarily or manually disable/enable monitors.  we have a specifically authorized group and they would like to have a quick method to do this remotely without having to log into ipmonitor, go to the monitor, click it, select disable, and vice versa to restart, etc.

  • solved at least for me i believe.

    this is a bit of work but here goes:

    1. this guy was kind enough to do a php script to suspend a monitor remotely.

    2. i just put xampp (which has a webserver and php built in) on a windows box and enabled curl to use it.

    3. the script uses the numeric id to suspend a monitor.  you can pull this out of ipmonitor as a xml file.

    4. i tied all of our monitors to a dependency on ping for each device.

    5. now i just needed to parse the xml file for the ping elements of each device.  in these i use the monitor description name and the actual id needed for the php script.


    This part is 'to do' but i think this will work as stated


    6. the monitor description name is put into a web page with radio buttons for which to select.  on the backend the webpage maps the descriptive name to the actual monitor id. 

    7. there is also an input form for # of seconds to 'suspend' the monitor along with a default already input.  user can leave default or modify.

    8.  when user selects the descriptive name and fills in the suspend time input they click a submit form and then that populates the php script for the 2 variables and runs the php script to suspend the monitor.


    of course there should be a much simpler way to do this built right into ipmonitor but this is the best i can think of right now unless someone has a better suggestion.  having to log into the ipmonitor gui every time to disable/enable a monitor when working on it for the 100+ people in our department is not efficient.  hopefully this will ease the process for now.

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