Dependencies dont work

Hello All,

We are using IPMonitor v10.8.2. My scenario is as below:

We have 5 different networks. IPMonitor server resides in 1 of the network. Now what i have done is i have configured Private IP of other network's Firewall (You can conside router in general) as a depenecy of each device in a network. So for Example for each device resiging in A network has depency as private IP of firewall of network B and so on all devices of all netowkrs are configured.

So my question here is, is it right way of configuring dependency or have i made any mistake here?

Because whenever Internet goes down in 1 particular network, the depency should be active as the other network connectivity is still there and as i have set other networks Firewall as dependency, it should detect it as active and suppress email of current network right? But it is not happening. We still get all the alerts of all devices from this particular network.

So please help me understand and configure group dependency in a correct way.


Dhyanesh Mehta