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over 1 year ago

Link IPAM to Netflow(NTA) in order to import subnets into NTA IP Groups.

I think it would be a good idea to have a link between the NTA and IPAM products, so VLANs/Subnets that you have defined in IPAM could be imported into NTA IP Groups thus preventing the user from having to create them all by hand.  Perhaps a check box in IPAM that allows you to "Create IP Group in Netflow" while you create the subnet/supernet in IPAM.

Saving time = good.


  • In some way (but different) this is like my wanting DSCP markings from NTA to show on NPM netpath paths.  I don't use IPAM but I voted up because it sounds like a good idea.

  • if i could vote 1000 times for this i would.... i am right now trying to develop a service that will do the DB imports for me however i think its more complicated due to the fact it has to update the fastbit db with the new ip group segment ids once added to any existing traffic .... we need this badly.

  • Bahlkris,

    I support this as I train many clients on the benefits of IP Address Groups.  This would make it so much easier to give a great out of box experience to those who would just expect this type of functionality.  IPAM, UDT, and NTA go with each other so well when trying to identify offenders of high data usage this is just a next logical step.  Thanks for the feature request.


    Adam Stephen

    Loop 1 Systems