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over 1 year ago

IPAM - Search function for Subnet/Supernet/IPv6 Sites, inc. Custom Property

Dear SolarWinds,

We have noticed that the search function in Manage Subnets & IP Addresses view is only finding individual IP addresses and it is not working for containers such as IPv4 Subnet, IPv4 Supernet, IPv6 Site or IPv6 Subnet.

We are able to partially find IPv4 Subnets, because those have individual IPv4 addresses created by default, but we are still not able to find subnets via Description or Custom Property fields.

Since IPv6 sites do not create individual IP addresses, the search function is not finding IPv6 containers at all...

Please add this to the search function, including FriendlyName, Comments, Custom Description and other field.. We believe that this should be added a long time ago.

Currently we are using custom SWQL widget to partially have a workaround, but this is far from perfect.