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IPAM - Better Supernet Utilization

Hi Team,

I have noticed that IPAM lack features in calculating supernet utilization. 

Let's say I have following tree:

Supernet / 23
-- Subnet / 30

And I will put all individual IP addresses in subnet / 30  as Used.
Subnet is shown as 100% used, which is correct. However IPAM will automatically show Supernet utilization as 100% as well.
I believe this is less useful, as I can create a lot more CIDR 30 subnets within that one CIDR 23 supernet.

In my opinion, the better way would be to calculate the remaining amount of free space within that supernet.
I kindly ask to implement this approach in the new IPAM release. The best of both worlds, would be to have both values available, such as:

a) Overall used supernet space

b) Aggregated used subnets space within one supernet

Kind regards,


  • While I don't disagree, it is technically accurate. You only configured 1 /30 in that /23, and it's 100% full. If you go ahead and configure the remaining available space with /30s, and the rest are empty, now you have an accurate /23.

  • Concur completely with . It makes no sense indicating the supernetted CIDR scope is at 100% when just a single scope within the supernet is full. The supernet should show the overall percentage in use, and then breakdown each subnet within the supernet with its own percentage.