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Include "Last Response" Column in the options of Solarwinds IPAM Reports

Case Reference: # 01093747

We are trying to generate a report (Custom Table) which displays all the IPs in IPAM that have the status “Transient” in one column, as well as the “Last Response” time in another column. Something that is displayed when searching for "Transient" Status in IPAM's search (you get a list of all transient IPs with a column that is named "Last Response".

So when we try to create the report (table), we firstly use a filter to match all the Transient IP addresses, which works as expected, but when we try to add extra columns to the table of the report, to find the “Last Response” in order to display it into the report, it is not in the list of options.

Looking for the ability to display the "Last Response" field in the list of options in the reports.

While discussing this issue with Solarwinds Support, we received the following reply: "There is already a raised Feature Request with regards to this last January and still in progress, no timeline yet when to added on the future release. as soon as we have updates from our Dev we will let you know."