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over 2 years ago

Improved IPAM Scan Job Management

Can we get a more functional "Scan Job Status" utility? We need the ability to cancel (primary request) and restart scans already in the job engine. Apparently if jobs hang, there are only a few fixes with one of them being reinstalling IPAM itself after stripping it out of the server. So far recreating the "JobEngine35.sdf" file seems to do the trick, but this is a poor substitute considering the much better job manager/engine that already exists from NCM with all these features. A common job engine platform for all the Orion products would be the best solution.

To follow-up and expand on this I would suggest that the ability to actually schedule job start times, enter maximum run time and allow to set these as a global or per subnet setting.

  • I'm also having issues with hanging jobs for awhile.  I've found that restarting the "Orion Module Engine" service (via the Solarwinds Service management GUI) fixes my issue for awhile.  It takes about 5 minutes for the hung scan jobs to resume after the restart. Faster than the repair/reinstall, if it works.

    Also: If it helps anyone. This report can detect when scans are hung (well, hung enough that other jobs are not running). I use it and it works well for me: IPAM_Delayed_Scan_Job.png

  • SW, please kindly consider this idea as it will be benificial for engineers to manage the scan jobs. I am having issues with scan jobs that are hang... every time i need to stop the application and do a fresh setup of the application.