You can export to text file, csv and excel.  If you want pdf you can try print to file via the browser.

Export Excel or PDF from IP Address Search results window

It would be great to be able to export an Excel or PDF from IP Address Search results window just like we can from the Manage Subnets and IP Address panel. 

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  • aalexander Just curious, what purpose would this export serve? Just to review or present?  To modify and re-import into IPAM? Just trying to get a clear picture of the use case here. emoticons_happy.png

  • In this instance one of our Network Admins was asked if we could provide a list of addresses that are being used by APC devices and I mentioned that we could search for APC in IPAM and get a list. So exporting the search results into an excel sheet would have come in handy. The other options I was able to come up with were to take screenshots of the results or run a report on all used addresses and try to filter for mentions of APC.

  • So in this scenario, you wanted to for purely reporting and presentation purposes. Got it!  Thank you!