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Ability to remove ports from the "UDT Ports" column in IPAM's list of IPs

Case Reference: # 01084835

Using IPAM and UDT combined, when we discover multiple switches using UDT, the column "UDT Ports" is populated in IPAM's list of IPs. On large networks, each IP may have multiple UDT Ports displayed in the "UDT Ports" column, resulting in noise, without the option to remove selected UDT Ports from this column.

It would be useful to have the ability to select which UDT Ports will be displayed in the "UDT Ports" column in IPAM's network structure IP list.

While discussing this with Solarwinds Support, we ended up with this reply: "I have submitted this feature request to our development team.  They will consider the request, and decide whether it will be implemented."

If this request is already submitted, could you please provide with a way to track its progress?

Thank you.