• Exporting/Importing Subnet List

    • What We're Working On on 20 Feb 2020
    We are in need of a feature to import and export custom made subnet lists from a .csv or .xls file, without importing or exporting each individual IP address inside of the subnet. This would make reporting and having a network address overview more convenient...
    • 17 Jul 2012 4:08 PM
  • Vlan management view in IPAM

    • Open for Voting on 20 Feb 2020
    We looked IPAM decision within two weeks and as you wrote below we can say you several feature request. First of all is it possible to create vlan management tool where we can create vlans without networks? Because very often we create unroute vlans...
    • 3 Dec 2013 6:12 PM
  • Graph Subnet & Scope Utilization Over Time

    • Open for Voting on 20 Feb 2020
    Much like interface, CPU, and memory utilization % can be charted over time within NPM, it would be extremely handy for us to be able to see our subnet and scope utilization over time in IPAM. We would be able to see how the address space changes in...
    • 9 Apr 2013 7:29 PM

    • Open for Voting on 20 Feb 2020
    It would be nice if IPAM could show a search result based on Subnet range  detail instead of showing every IP address as the result. I cover about 500 offices and  it would also be nice that if I type the name of the office  on the search that it would...
    • 16 Dec 2014 12:54 AM
  • Add Reservation to Multiple DHCP Split Scope Servers Simultaneously

    • Open for Voting on 20 Feb 2020
    When creating an IP reservation it would be nice to populate both or all Microsoft DHCP servers containing that specific scope at one time.  As it is you have to "Send Reservation to DHCP Server" to one DHCP Server.  Then you have to repeat the process...
    • 3 Jan 2013 6:55 PM
  • Improved IPAM Scan Job Management

    • Open for Voting on 20 Feb 2020
    Can we get a more functional "Scan Job Status" utility? We need the ability to cancel (primary request) and restart scans already in the job engine. Apparently if jobs hang, there are only a few fixes with one of them being reinstalling IPAM itself after...
    • 12 Apr 2016 8:58 PM
  • DHCP Support for Fortigate and other popular firewall and router vendors

    • Open for Voting on 20 Feb 2020
    It would be great to manage all DHCP servers including Fortigate. We do have a number of DHCP scope in Windows, but there are a few that are issued by our firewalls for a few guest and DMZ networks that a segregated from our main systems. If would be...
    • 21 Jun 2015 4:39 AM
  • NAT to Private Ranges Mapping

    • Open for Voting on 20 Feb 2020
    Hello, Currently we have two different ranges that handle our internal and external addresses.  It would be nice if we could some way link a private address range to a public and vice versa rather than having to update two locations (which often doesnt...
    • 21 Nov 2012 11:13 AM
  • Bridge the gap between modules

    • Open for Voting on 20 Feb 2020
    If I'm actively monitoring a device and have entered in the hostname, IP, SNMP creds, etc in NPM and NCM, then why can't IPAM get any of that info? Can we have IPAM (and other SolarWinds modules) share a little data? Why does each module have to be an...
    • 8 Aug 2017 11:09 AM
  • Allow IPAM custom fields to be made mandatory for adding a record.

    • What We're Working On on 20 Feb 2020
    It is great that IPAM allows for the creation of Custom fields, however there appears to be no way to make the filling in of those fields mandatory / required when adding in a new record. As part of rolling out IPAM we are delegating out the workflow...
    • 26 Nov 2013 9:03 PM