FYI when adding a DHCP cluster to IPAM

We have been trying to get our new DHCP cluster into IPAM and ran into two issues that may help others.

1. We tried to use Patch Manager last year and had setup a GPO for RPC ports for Patch Manager.  What we realized is we scoped the GPO for the RPC ports to the old Patch Manager servers.  Once we removed the IPs from this GPO we were able to add one of each of the DHCP nodes in each of the clusters.

2. When you have a DHCP cluster and want to add all of the DHCP nodes to IPAM you need to make sure the node is the active DHCP node at the time.  If the node is not the active DHCP node you cannot add it to IPAM.

Once we figured these two things out adding the DHCP cluster to IPAM was easy.  Now to figure out how to get people to utilize it.

Thanks -Dave