IPAM Subnet Scan Frequency Large Change

So similar to in this post I have a large number of subnets to change the scan interval from the old default of 4 hours.

I have updated the global setting but see no option to push the global setting down to all the existing subnets in IPAM. The answer in the post above was to edit multiple at the same time from the GUI using the check box. I can see that I can do this as well so long as no parent subnets are selected in the check boxes.

My problem is the existing parent child structure setup being used in our IPAM db. We have as an example a /16 supernet that has 255 /24 subnets inside of it. So if click on the /16 I can check all of the /24 subnets but I can't edit them because inside of the /24 subnet is a /29 and a /25 subnet. This is just how it was setup and there is multiple /16 supernets so it would not be easy to change the structure at this point nor desirable in my mind.

Is there anyway to push the global setting for scan interval down to all these subnets or a way to be able to check off all the child subnets? I can only seems to display child subnets for the checker marks of one parent folder at a time.

  • I am doing the similar scanning.  Getting into the database does introduce risk, so err on the side of caution and edit each subnet manually.  I know it is the slow why of doing it and takes a day or so, but it is done. I started with 4 hours, then went to 18 hours, now I am at 33 hours due to the Class B, and 30 other Class C networks.