IPAM Port Between Polling Engines and DHCP Nodes

We have a new DHCP cluster that I am trying to add to IPAM and have had all sorts of fun trying to get the DHCP cluster into IPAM.  All of the nodes are in Orion already connected via WMI.

I have new local and new domain accounts that match. 

If I test with the domain account I get the error  'Test Failed. There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.

If I test with the local account that is named the same as the domain user I get the following error - Exception Impersonating User, Error Code 183. 

I setup the same local account with .\ before it and received the same Error Code 183. 

I then opened up PowerShell and did 'Test-NetConnection -ComputerName DHCPSERVER -Port 53 and it could not connect.

I did the same Port test to my existing DHCP cluster that is in IPAM and it could not connect via that Port so it probably is not a port issue.

Thanks!! -Dave

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