Get IPAdress from HOSTNAME through API/Powershell

Hi All,

I am new to solarwinds and i am trying to figure out if there is any option to get the IP adress of the record when i enter its hostname. I tried to get details from orion.nodes,  IPAM.IPNode and all other tables belongin to IPAM but wasn't successful. It would be helpful if i get some information regarding the tables that i query to get the IPAddress from hostname

  • Hi 

    The best way is to use SWQL Studio there possibility to convert  query to PS that is will give you clean table 

    Get-SwisData (Connect-Swis -Hostname myOrionserver -Username 'myuser' -Password 'mypass')

    -Query 'SELECT TOP 10 Address, AddressMask, CIDR, FriendlyName FROM IPAM.Subnet' -Parameters @{}

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for your response.

    I tried Querying few tables and finally was able to figure out the exact table from where I get details of IP and hostname.

    Below is the query that I used to get the IPaddress from hostname.

    "select IPNodeID,IPaddress,DnsBackward from IPAM.IPNode where DNSBACKward like '%$($vm)%'"