IPAM reservations getting removed after long period of time

If you set an IP to reserved and label it then becomes used (ping-able) the record is updated with the information for the current device and overwrites the reservation and comments. Then when the devices goes offline for a long period and is marked transient then available which removes the info you have put in. This seems to make it difficult to reserve blocks for stuff that comes and goes for long periods.  I have the subnet properties set to update but not erase custom data.  Any thoughts on resolving this?  Would this we a common behavior?

  • Just from what you said, the key phrase for me was "the ip becomes used." I am guessing what happened - When status changed from reserved to used, it was due to normal IPAM scanning. This updated the information for the IP.  When the device stopped replying; the change to transient and then available was made per normal IPAM operation.

    Please check the scanning setting on that IP, it is probably set to ON, allow system info to be overwritten. In other words, IPAM will reserve the IP until something replies, then update the information. This also enables the lifecycle processing when that device stops responding long enough to trigger transient and then available status. IPAM wipes all the data out as the IP is now available again. 

    Consider setting the scanning option to OFF for that single IP. This does make things a bit more manual when you want to update the information for that IP. Other options include changing your transient status duration (a global change) or disable scanning of that subnet (not a good idea for any IPAM solution typically). I know there are other options, but those came to mind the most quickly. 

  • Thanks for the info here.  I think i understand the intended behavior now.  I have increased our transient period, hoping this will fix a lot of these.

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