Disable usage threshold alerts?

I have been unable to resolve this, which seems a bit silly in the current state of IPAM products.

I track all of my IP allocations, including loopback addresses for network devices (/32) and point-to-point router links (/30).


Supernet: / 24  (router PTP link allocations)

Subnet: / 30

Both usable IPs in the /30 are used, plus the obvious network and broadcast.  The result is that every /30 is flagged as 100% utilized and triggers the alerts for such, as well as constantly shows the red ! icon on every subnet, which is beyond annoying.

I don't want to globally disable the threshold alerts because obviously we'd lose that functionality where we actually want it, for example on DHCP scopes and user subnets.

I have not found a way to selectively disable or override the thresholds or alerts for subnets that I do not want to be alerted about.

I can't be the only one who's run into this?

Ideas?  Hints?  Workarounds?