IP Address Manager (IPAM) 2020.2 is Now Generally Available

Welcome to the 2020.2 IP Address Manager!

          It is my pleasure to announce that the IPAM 2020.2  is now available in your customer portal.  

Version 2020.2 is the next release following IPAM 2019.4 and is compatible with Orion Platform 2020.2

What's New?!?

Release notes and system requirements for IPAM 2020.2 and related Orion releases can be found on this release summary

The focus of this release was user-ability and functionality.  IPAM, as many of you have told us, was feeling dated and the workflows needed some UX upgrades.  During the sessions with customers and while reading your comments the development team was able to accomplish the new UI WITH backwards compatibility, for IE users! 

Take a spin on the Orion Live Demo to see it now!

  • Improved DHCP & DNS Management Pages

    • workflows and tab creation for cleaner lines
  • Dynamic filtering to find resources faster

    • Full-text searching
  • Improved workflows to streamline key tasks

    • Move from DNS servers to DNS zones with just a click of the mouse!

Watch how the new workflows, searching, and user-ability have come together:


Built on Orion's newest UX framework

If you're using Internet Explorer still we allow you to toggle the new UI for backwards compatibility.  This is found under "All Settings>IPAM Settings>Systems Settings

ipam new settings.png

IPAM IP Group Integration with NTA! 

Both the IPAM module and NTA have facilities to create and work with IP groups – that is, collections of endpoints, or subnets that reference groups of endpoints. One common requirement is to characterize the traffic that’s generated or received by an IP group.

With the IPAM RC, comes some fantastic new updates & enhancements to the Orion Platform which include... Go here to view and learn more!!

Platform Enhancements, say WHAT?? 

Watch the forum for updates, even if you're not able to install now. The product team will continue to release new documents detailing our deep dives of the mentioned features. If there's one you're particularly interested in, mention it in the comments!

What's Next

Looking for what we'll be working on next?  Don't see something you really need? Advocate for the features you want in IPAM Feature Requests

  •  - I am THWACKIN Off today ... taking time to explore all my products.   I will have to say that my IPAM deployment needs some attention.  I VOW to make it better with the upgrade!  It would behoove me to take advantage of the integration with NTA!!  I am digging the possibilities!