Manage subnets and IP addresses - Import/Export Error


We've recently created a new solarwinds server and wanted to migrate Subnets and IP Address data from an older solarwinds environment to the new. Under the 'Manage Subnets and IP Addresses' section on the old environment solarwinds, I have exported my discovered subnets as a zip file containing the subnet details as Excel csv files.

When I proceed to Import it to the new solarwinds environment, I select 'Import from file' and upload the zip file that I downloaded in the export earlier. When prompting to Import to continue, I am met with an error "*.zip files are only supported for 'Structure and IP Addresses' option" 

I am most definitely clicking on a zip file when I am uploading the exported documents. Would anyone know why this is happening and what I could do to resolve this?

  • I know this thread is old but someone might benefit from this. 

    I've been able to reproduce this error when uploading a .zip file and selecting option "IP addresses" or "Structure only" under "This file includes:"

    Need to ensure that you select the option "Structure and IP addresses" under "This file includes" when you are using a .zip file. If you wanted to just upload the subnets, then unzip the file and upload as .csv and select option "Structure Only". Do the same if you wanted just the IP addresses but select option "IP addresses". 

  • Hello Panda,

    I have been trying updating description and VLAN for existing subnets with csv files but am unable to do it now with IPAM 2.6 version whereas earlier I was able to update VLAN info with csv file... any suggestions, please.....

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