Delete subnet with API


I'm using the .delete(uri) call on a subnet's URI, and I'm noticing that the IP Nodes are still existent in the database even after the subnet is deleted. Is it expected that I should delete the IP nodes before deleting the subnet itself? I'd expect the API to handle this in the background, but it doesn't appear to gracefully delete IP node children of a subnet when that subnet is deleted.


  • Have you seen these still sitting around the next day after the database maintenance jobs run?  In most of the Orion platform orphaned objects get cleaned up during that around 2:15 AM but I never specifically checked for IP Nodes

  • Hi there, thanks for the reply,

    We do still see the orphaned IP Nodes. I'm just using a separate call to clean up the IP Nodes (which is annoying, but better than not being able to handle for them). I would expect the API to handle this in the background when invoking Delete on the URI for the subnet, but doesn't seem to be the case. I couldn't find a verb to do it for me either