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Can't find what I'm looking for using SWQL query


My organisation has pointed me towards our IPAM installation to gather the information I require.

Basically I'm looking for used IP addresses on our network, and the FQDN, although I need to do this using the API with Python, so I can feed the data into another system.

When using the UI, the All used IP Addresses report gives me that information. There are over 20,000 IP addresses


but in Python, when I use the following query, it only returns around 800 results:

SELECT IPAddress, DNS FROM Orion.Nodes

The following query seems to return the right amount of information, however all the values for Description, SysName and DhcpClientName
are "None", and DisplayName is also the IP Address:

SELECT Description, SysName, DhcpClientName, IPAddress, DisplayName FROM IPAM.IPNode where Status = 2

Which part of the schema can provide me with the IP Address and FQDN (Reverse DNS or System Name in the report)?