Windows credentials for adding a DHCP server in IPAM

It states here that:

The Windows account specified within IPAM must be on the DHCP server and one of the three following groups: DHCP Users, DHCP Administrators or local Administrators. IPAM impersonates the specified account on the local computer to gain access. If the IPAM computer is not within the same Windows domain as the DHCP server, the IPAM computer must have the same identical account and password. All credentials are sent in clear text, so you should only update credentials through a browser while locally logged into the IPAM server or over an HTTPS connection.


Does this mean that I have to create the account locally on the DHCP server, not on Active directory?

Also, my Orion is on a different domain to that DHCP server. Does that mean I have to create that same account locally on my Orion server?

Thank you.