Bulk Import - Supernets


I'm currently trying to do a bulk import of approx 400 supernets, which will each contain two subnets.

From what i understand (from Michal H's last post at http://thwack.solarwinds.com/thread/49316) IPAM v3.0 has a structured import option that should allow me to do this. I cannot find any documentation on how to format a spreadsheet to import supernets.

I've tried doing an export of a supernet with nested supernets and subnets, and it appears to create a seperate CSV for each subnet it can find under that supernet. The children supernets themselves are pretty much ignored.

Has anyone had any luck with this?


  • Right in the middle of doing this now and it's not problematic yet.

    1. Go to your Settings:IPAM Settings: Import IP Addresses from a file and the first screen should provide you links to example spreadsheets - one with supernet and enclosed subnet.

    Or navigate to /Orion/IPAM/res/samples/structure.xls

    2. I found adding Disable Auto Scanning column helpful and still troubleshooting Transient Period column as 240 is turning into 2.77777777777778E-10

    3. Add your own data and possibly remove URL Custom and Custom columns or add your own custom ones then save.

    4. Backup your database.

    5. Go back to the import window and browse to your file and choose this File includes: Groups/Supernets/Subnets.

    6. Choose your field mapping, and keep the default of "IPAM will automatically create subnet hierarchy" so it nests your subnets into the supernets

    7. I do find that this will leave empty imported subnet folders around that you need to delete - not sure the workaround other then not selecting the above.

  • Hi lukeod,

    in addition to bluefunelemental's post. You need to select "import Groups/Supernets/Subnets" in order to successfully import whole structure:


    you can take a look on this example of how imported spreadsheet should look like:

    Also, IPAM 3.0 can not export structured subnets - that's why it always create separate file for each subnet.

    let us know if you were able to successfully import.



  • Okay i'll give it a go. Thanks guys.

  • Sorry to wake up an old thread, but this is still not working very well on V4.2.

    The res_sample_structure.xls that downloads from the link on the import page appears to be the same as Michal's post above. But so does the res_sample_ipaddress.xls - the files have identical content. The original files under inetpub\solarwinds\orion\ipam\res are different, though.

    But that's not my immediate problem. When I do the import of subnets using the res_sample_structure.xls, the individual IP addresses within the subnet are not added. Nothing gets discovered - either by ICMP scan or Neighbor discovery. I'm using the columns:

    Address/CIDR, Address, CIDR, Type (subnet), Display Name, MASK, Neighbor Scan Address, and a few other descriptive ones.

    For the Address, I'm putting the same thing as what I put in Address/CIDR - without the /24. e.g. The IPAM Evaluation Guide does not explain anything about what to put in the Address column for a subnet import.

    I was expecting the import to create the subnets and pre-populate the ranges of IPs. But it does not.

    If I go into an imported net, and manually click Add IP Range, and fill in the starting and ending addresses, then discovery works fine. But I have several hundred subnets to import. They are not all contiguous, and some are smaller than /24.

    So I'm looking for how to make this less painful.


  • Hi foonly,

    I know what you mean - auto populating of IP Addresses for your case is something we have as current feature request. You may use workaround and generate IP addresses via tool mentioned here: https://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/181027#181027

    we want to make this process better and let users to choose if IP addresses should be generated after import (for all, some or small only (C) subnets).

  • I am having the same issue and have downloaded the workaround tool but have no idea how or where to install this.

  • You should install "Add IPs" tool on solarwinds IPAM installed machine.