Hostnames not showing up in IPAM - What is the problem?

I have seen several posts about this issue but no real answer.  I have the DNS servers identified in IPAM and I have reverse lookup zones for all my networks, but when I scan the subnets in IPAM the hostname does not populate for a lot of the "Used" IP's. 

When I click on the item to edit it, however, the name clearly shows up in the  "DNS Record" section.  Why oh why if it knows the DNS name does it not populate that in the hostname?

Furthermore, I read somewhere else that if ping -a doesn't resolve a particular hostname then IPAM will not.  I tried this on a particular entry and although IPAM knows the DNS name (listed in the DNS record section), a ping -a does not return the hostname, only the IP.

So, can someone explain how to fix this issue so that whatever funky way solarwinds uses to populate the hostname will work?  Is it some setting I need to change on my DNS server?  Or is there another way I can force IPAM to use the dns record to populate the hostname?

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