IPAM 4.6 Subnet Scan Frequency

Hi All

Upgraded to IPAM 4.6 recently and noticed that the option to set the amount of Subnet Scans at one time is no longer available. Is there a new place to set this?  Also, I have set the Scan Times for each DHCP Server subnets to every 18 hours and noticed that all subnets are scanning every 4 hours. I would rather not change each subnet (~3K), can this be done in the DB?

Assistance please.

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  • I know it's been 5 years, but I ran into this page looking for a way to also update "all subnets" to a new global level scan time, as the UI does not appear to have a way to do this. WARNING: if you edit multiple subnets at once, and any of those subnets have "disable scanning" set in them (or "Update but not erase manually entered data"), when you change the scan time for all of them it will uncheck these settings for any subnet that has set them.  The only post(s) I have seen to update lots of subnets appear to require you to go into the database and edit tables.

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