IPAM - DHCP scopes IPv4 and IPv6 - IPv6 scopes not showing


I'm new to IPAM and trying to get it to work in our environment. We have a very large number of DHCP scopes in IPv4 and IPv6  (+4290 IPv4 and +4000 IPv6 scopes)

After adding my 1st DHCP server, it correctly detected all IPv4 scopes however none of the IPv6 scopes.

Is that not possible in IPAM to have it scan my DHCP server for the IPv6 scopes??

I see that I can manually add an IPv6 zone under Manage Subnets & IP Addresses.

However, understandably I don´t want an IPv6/48 zone as 1 single list. Adding the sub scopes one by one to have it more "readable" would be with over 4000 scopes a nightmare.