Impression after 5 minutes

This is what we've needed for years.  Thank you.

Feature request:  A consultant from SolarWinds to come out and import the sheets and sheets and sheets of IPAs we have.

  • Yikes.  I just called and had the licensing explained to me. I had to hear it in verbally and from two people at SW so much was my desire for it not to be true. 

    If you want to document your subnets with IPAM, you will need a license to cover all the addresses in all the subnets whether you use them (the addresses) or not.  That may be obvious to some and perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part for it to be otherwise.

    A small to medium business may have far, far fewer hosts than allocated address space. For example, sites with 30 hosts and a /24 assigned, or 250 hosts and a /23. Add up all the sites with under utilized address space and instead of a 1024 IPA license you need the IPX.

    A great tool but we may lose the opportunity to own it.

  • I know the feeling.  One of the fools... I mean engineers previous to me used /16's for some of our networks... Networks with 50ish computers. 

    The price on the IPX is frankly a bit insane for someone with about 1500-2000 nodes on the network.

  • There is no literature on the licensing on - What are the licensing points?

  • The only two I remember off the top of my head were

    IP4k (4096 addresses) = ~$4000

    IPX (Unlimited) = ~15k...

  • I have over 15,000 IPs...

    $1/IP? Realy?!

    15k is 2x too much for a simple icmp ping tool.

  • Now you see what I'm saying... because of our dumb IP scheme, I'd be forced to the IPX which is $10/node on my network.

    My boss'd laugh at me.

  • Hey all, I just wanted to take a second and respond and make sure there is no confusion in the communication.

    So in ljenkins case, he said he has some /16 subnets with only 50ish computers on that subnet.  If he adds a /16 subnet to IPAM and only cares about those 50ish IP Addresses, he only has to add those 50ish IP Addresses to the system.  Just because he adds the /16 to the system, he doesn't have to manage the entire subnet.  He can remove the IP's he does not care about scanning.

    Please let me know if that makes sense and clears up any confusion.

  • I'm confused how to do so...  I'm limited in defining segments to a power of 2...

    So if a network has 50 hosts, the least I can define it as is 64.  If the hosts are not positioned nicely, 128 or 256.

    I've got 1200ish of my hosts detected on the eval and it's showing my license usage at 5888.  Maybe I can clean it up a bit, but I'm not going to get in under 4000 by the time I add the rest of my segments.

    It really just seems it'd be more natural to license besed on used addresses instead of total addresses in the scopes.

  • If you are within a subnet and viewing the IP's currently defined within that subnet, on the top toolbar, there is a button labeled IP Range.  If you select that button in the drop down is add or delete.  So if you were to checkbox the IP's within that /16 you do not care about scanning and managing and select delete, those will be removed from the system and will be reflected within your license count

  • Ok, thanks.  I had not discovered that.

    But of course, now comes the rub... By eliminating those addresses, they are still valid on my network.  Something could be there and I'll not know it.  I guess I like the idea of something scanning these big empty swathes of addresses and telling me that they're as empty as I think they are.

    But I suppose there's other applications out there I can get to do that.  If I get it through my head that this is just IP management, we'll be fine.

    Thanks for the assist.