Imported hostnames cleared after subnet scan

After I import hostnames into a subnet after an automatic scan some of the hostnames get cleared. 

I can maybe understand the hostnames being cleared that were entered manually into IPAM if the device does not respond to pings.  But on ours it clears them on devices that do respond.  Not only that if you look at the device details by hitting edit the system name is clearly in there but the hostname is now blank. 

Is there some way to stop it from doing this.  If it only works if DNS is available why would you need IPAM in the first place.



  • Jerry, I sent you an email with a download like for the release candidate of a service release for IPAM that should help with this issue. Please install it and let me know what happens.


  • Ok I installed that and then requested a manual scan and the hostnames are still there so that seems to have fixed the issue.  Thanks so much for the quick response.


  • I've updated to that RC Service release.  I have an engineer that indicated he entered some IPAM "reservations" -> set to used, hostname, some custom fields -> systems not online yet.
    came in today and all his work was gone.

    I do have additional pollers and web servers that I installed it on as well.  I only installed RC service release thought and not the full (I think).

    We are monitoring closely and will let you know if this was user error or a system issue.  He put some back in today and I'm manually grabbing the list from the DB and will check it monday.

  • I understand your question is different to what I am about to ask, but along the same lines. How come with IPAM, it is not pulling th hostnames form our Cisco gear. I have the hostname, DNS, and Domain name entered on the Cisco switch?

    What field is IPAM specifically looking for?

  • I seem to have the same problem. I upgraded to IPAM 3.1.1, and now all my Cisco devices that are not in DNS, have had their manually entered host names have been overwritten/blanked out. I called support and after waiting for a half hour, I spoke with a technician that told me this is normal and this field is always dynamic, use custom field for my host names. First off, It was not always like this, second, why would you be able to change a dynamic field if it is just going to be erased on the next scan?