IPAM - Alerting


We are currently using the SolarWinds IPAM to monitor our network subnets.

We have a dedicated Server team and a network team.

We would like to have alerts/Reports generated and sent via Email with Details, as soon as the Server team uses an IP address from the available pool of IPs on certain subnets.

As soon as the status changes from Available to Used, we get an email alert specifying the " <IP> has changed state to Used as of <Date/Time>".

This would allow us to check with the server team as to what this IP was used for, and be more proactive.

Has anyone figured out a way to do ?

I have played around with Alerts but havent been able to find the correct trigger condition for such an alert, neither have I been able to find out the correct variables to put in the Email message, that shows the IP address that would trigger the condition.

I tried writing an SQL query, but havent figured out the Table names for the Available IP addresses and the Used ones either.

Has any one else faced the same issue and have implemented a solution for the same ?