OUI/MAC Database Needs Updated

I am seeing numerous Question Marks in IPAM for MAC Addresses I know are HP devices and other OUI lookup tools online show as HP but IPAM doesn't know them.  I'm running the latest version of everything but it seems the database is outdated.  Is this something I can do manually or an update Solarwinds needs to do? 

  • Check MACPrefix table against your MAC.OIP tools from online will have very latest version of MAC and its vendor name.But this table will have update only if Orion modules has been upgraded.

    Run the below query and check your MAC entry

    SELECT [MacPrefix]



      FROM [dbo].[MacPrefixes]

    if entry is not available insert the entry manually to get reflected in your solarwinds website.Mac prefix has been in this format "XXXXXX".

    There will not be any colons or special characters present in MAC Prefix column.