Having IPAM issues with mass upload

Hi all,

I am having IPAM issues when I try to do a mass upload on a subnet. here is an example

we have dedicated 6 /16 networks for our sites between US and Canada. Each site gets a /24 or /23 depending on the size out of the /16. - East cost - West cost - Midwest - South West

As many of you may allready know you can have 255 /24's in a /16.

I have downloaded an example of the spreadsheet that shows me how to create all my subnets (/24's). However when I upload the subnets it uploads ok but all I can see is the /24's. When I click on a /24 subnet for example I should be seeing 255 individual IP addresses (hosts) but that page is empty.

I have included some screen shots to make more sense. The first is the one from my test spreadsheet. The second one is after the upload it shows all the networks, and the last is the screen after I click on one of the /24 networks




I am douing something wrong here? We have a lot of these /24's as I have mentioned it would be imposible to create networks manually for each side, it would take months...

Any help is appreciated

Thank you

  • Uploading the spreadsheet data will not create range of IP Address automatically. If you not bothering about the extra fields specified in Spreadsheet which will used for import, then you may use "Bulk Add subnets" link.It will automatically create the IPAddress after import of subnets.You may specify more than one subnet with CIDR. "Bulk Add subnets" will be appear next to "Import spread sheet" menu.

    If you are having router address to all of these subnets then "Automatic subnet discovery" feature will identify all the subnets inside the specified router.

    Path to access "Automatic subnet discovery"  Settings>>IPAM settings>>Add Subnets & IP Addresses>>

    Discover routers & poll subnets and IP addresses from them.

  • The reason we are trying this is because of being able to see all info in one, branch name, circuit ID, address location, vlan ID, etc...

    We also cant use the automatic discovery because of the way our subnets are broken down. Example would be a /24 is broken into /26 for data, /26 for voice, /26 for Servers. and additional /26 for loopbacks and other transits. the result would be

    and so on...

    So what is the point of having the ability to mass upload CIDR's if the application isn't smart enough to brake that down into individual networks? Most people that move to this application already have something in place. What you are explaining this fits a customer who does not have their network build out and they can start with IPam from solarwinds.

  • Could you try Add ips tool.This tool will create IP Address based on created subnets. Run this tool on IPAM installed server.

    IPAM 4.3 Tool - Importing large number of subnets.

  • thanks for this tool. However this wont help me 100% since I have custom fileds to worry about such as site name, circuit id, physical address etc.

    I have enguaged suuport on this and they are looking inot it. Once they figure out their end I will post the solution if there is one.