IPAM.IPNode Status Meaning

Good afternoon All -

Can someone tell me the relationship between the different options for Status in Table IPAM.IPNode, or Give me a better query for:

when running

results = swis.query("Select I.IPAddress, I.Status, I.DisplayName FROM IPAM.IPNode I")

I get a result of [{u'Status':4, u'DisplayName':'', u'IPAddress':'}]

What is the mapping of the int Status and the actual use? 

The point is to tie this into a ChatBot such that when I ask:

!Bot what is the status of IP address ?

I Get a Response of Used, Available, Reserved, or Transient


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  • Status codes are outlined here in the DB

    SELECT StatusId, StatusName, ShortDescription, RollupType, Ranking, UiOrder, Color, IconPostfix, ChildStatusMap, DefaultIconName, CategoryStatusMap, DisplayProperties

    FROM Orion.StatusInfo

  • Hello 

    This is an older post, but just in case someone needs this. I have crossed reference the status codes with GUI.

    This is a part from my SQL query with HTML tags. You can see that Status code 1 is Used, 2 is Available, 4 is Reserved and 8 is Transient.

    WHEN IPn.Status LIKE '1' THEN ('<img src="/Orion/IPAM/res/images/sw/icon.IP.Used.gif" width="27" height="17">'+IPn.IPAddress) --used
    WHEN IPn.Status LIKE '2' THEN ('<img src="/Orion/IPAM/res/images/sw/icon.IP.Available.gif" width="27" height="17">'+IPn.IPAddress) --available
    WHEN IPn.Status LIKE '4' THEN ('<img src="/Orion/IPAM/res/images/sw/icon.IP.Reserved.gif" width="27" height="17">'+IPn.IPAddress) --reserved
    WHEN IPn.Status LIKE '8' THEN ('<img src="/Orion/IPAM/res/images/sw/icon.IP.Transient.gif" width="27" height="17">'+IPn.IPAddress) --transient
    End as [IP Address]