IPAM Alerts, Reports


Is there a way to configure an alert that send me a mail everytime a IP change its status?

I've select every possible variable but nothing so far.

i open the report writer application to see what variables is using IPAM to write the logs on the Last XX IPAM events box and i've noticed that there are three groups from were you can select a variable (IPAM Networks, IPAM Nodes, Events) but in the advance alert manager there is only one group (IPAM Networks).


  • Today we can alert on subnet or DHCP scope utilization, but we can't alert on status changes for individual IPs.  It seems like this would generate many, many emails, especially if you're managing lots of subnets.  What's the problem you're trying to solve?


  • This is the idea i am trying to do:

    -first i recieve a request for an IP from a user who want to install a device on the network.

    -the i assigned the best suitable IP for that device.

    Now here is the Important part:

    - After a while this user stop using this device and disconnect it from the network, so when IPAM makes a scan of that particullar subnet that IP will change its status to transient, but we dont know if the user just disconnect the device temporary or he will no longer need it.

    -When the transient period finish the IP will automatically change its status from transient to available, here is when i want IPAM to send me a mail to notify me this situation, then i check to whom i assigned this IP and let him know what happened and ask him if he will no longer need the IP.

    How can i do this???

  • I did something similar but instead of an alert I created a report that lists all IP's whose current status is transient and that are about to expire...i.e. change to available.  Simply change the (dd, -XX, getdate) to your liking.  My transient period is 30 days so I set the report to show anything expring within 4 days which provides us some time to decide if we want to let it expire.... the logic looks like this

    IPAM_NodeReportView.IPAddress AS IPv4_Address, IPAM_NodeReportView.IPStatus AS Status, IPAM_NodeReportView.LastSync AS Last_Synchronization
      (IPAM_NodeReportView.LastSync < dateadd(dd,-26,getdate() ))AND
      (IPAM_NodeReportView.IPStatus = 'Transient')
    Order  By