Solarwinds Integration with ServiceNow

I am with a new company that just purchased ServiceNow. Currently our only SW product is IPAM. I am in the process of updating the Orion engine and IPAM then installing NPM and NTA. I know that NPM and SAM can be integrated into ServiceNow to generate tickets, but can IPAM? I can't think of a reason IPAM would need to open a ticket automatically and I don't see any mention of IPAM integration anywhere. Can NTA be integrated to open an incident response ticket with ServiceNow?

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  • Heloo,

    Any solarwinds product can integrate with servicenow , when you install the integration software you will find that a new option added in the alert creation.

    After you integrate ServiceNow with the Orion Server, you'll notice a Create ServiceNow Incident option when you click Add Action on the Trigger Actions panel of the Alert Wizard. You can use this new alert action to precisely define what should happen to a ServiceNow incident when an alert in Orion is created, updated, or reset.

    In summary, it is in the Alerting engine so it has nothing to do with which module you use because alert engine is part of the ORION platform


  • Hi debrown,

    Integration between Solarwinds and ServiceNow can be achieved using SynQ

    You can also follow this blog for more information on integrating between Solarwinds to ServiceNow.