What We're Working on for IPAM (Updated May 18, 2022)

With the recent release of Hybrid Cloud Observability, we are working on a version which will enable existing Orion based customers to upgrade to the latest version of the unified platform with applicable bug and security fixes.


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  • we are not working , did you mean now rather than not ?

  • You would atleast think they could allow you to create the exclusion in solarwinds scopes to mirror your dhcp.  This is not the case?

  • Please fix IPAM so that it honors DHCP settings for Reservations and Exclusions on the DHCP Server rather than just putting whatever IPAM wants into the records. When I want to assign an IP address, it does not honor and exclusion list nor does it use the correct terms that are standard in the industry. I have had a couple of tickets to this efectt but, the reply is always, "these are feature requests that will be handled at a later date." That is NOT TRUE! This is an industry standard that IPAM fails to use or recognize.