What We're Working on for IPAM (Updated July 15, 2021)

The latest release of IP Address Monitor (IPAM) is available on solarwinds.com​ and in your customer portal​. See the IPAM 2020.2.6 Release Notes for a comprehensive look. 

Here's what the IPAM Team is currently working on:  

  • UI Design Refresh - refreshing aesthetics and updating the workflows for the Manage Subnets and IP Address page 
  • vRealize Automation Support - critical bug-fixes to improve support for VMware's cloud automation platform 



We actively refine the product roadmap to solve your problems. Participate in Feedback Sessions​ for THWACK points and personalized input into the future of NPM. You can also submit and vote on IPAM Feature Requests​. 

  • Please fix IPAM so that it honors DHCP settings for Reservations and Exclusions on the DHCP Server rather than just putting whatever IPAM wants into the records. When I want to assign an IP address, it does not honor and exclusion list nor does it use the correct terms that are standard in the industry. I have had a couple of tickets to this efectt but, the reply is always, "these are feature requests that will be handled at a later date." That is NOT TRUE! This is an industry standard that IPAM fails to use or recognize.