SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability (HCO) Modules

We are looking into HCO but want to put it side by side of what we already have as far as modules. What all is included with HCO as an enterprise to see if it would work for us or not?

  • Both Hybrid Cloud Observability Essentials and Advanced use node-based licensing.

    Essentials provide the following set of features:

    • Infrastructure, network, and application performance observability
    • Physical and virtual hosts, devices, and VoIP monitoring
    • Application-centric database monitoring
    • IP address management
    • Log management and analysis
    • Distributed polling for remote environments

    For those familiar with individual module licenses, this can be considered NPM, SAM, LA, IPAM, UDT, VNQM

    Advanced includes all the features of essentials in addition to the following:

    • Network flow and bandwidth observability
    • Virtualization performance management
    • Configuration management for networks, servers, and applications

    Consider these as NCM, VMAN, SCM

    The enterprise-scale option for both Essentials and Advanced provides entitlement to additional polling engines, High availability, web servers, and EOC. 

  • WPM and Storage Monitor are not licensed by HCO currently. They still can run and be upgraded in the same orion/solarwinds instance. BUT they still require their current licensing model.

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