2 questions. 1) Is Solarwinds Observability 2022.3 (from windows control panel) equal to Solarwinds HCO 2022.3? 2) Is it possible to remove the installed DPAIM, VNQM, Cloud Monitoring, IPAM, SRM, SCM that I wasn't licensed for but got installed?

For #2 I got the extra stuff installed because I left all the checkboxes selected during the upgrade. I get that it  make it easy to trial more stuff, but it makes my installation more complex - ie. I had to configure a couple new databases - log and netflow.  I only have a simple SAM + VMAN installation.  

As a side note, the upgraded Solarwinds fixed an issue I had with a manual/remote agent (exception stops/uninstalls the agent) which was a good thing for me.

  • Got two conflicting responses from support ticket #01186162.  Sorry if I'm double posting (my earlier response got marked as spam).

    An earlier support person said it was possible to remove products from control panel and the usual precautions about backups/pollers.  It wasn't clear from control panel how to remove my unlicensed products.  I did try a repair of Solarwinds Observability and the checkboxes do appear again during the repair, but it does not have checkboxes for all the products and it's only checkboxes for some of the plugins.

    The later support person said it was no longer possible to remove an unlicensed product:

    Regarding the removal of unlicensed products, starting in SolarWinds Observability, you can no longer remove an unlicensed product that is installed together with the Observability installer. For example, VMAN and IPAM are included in the installer so you won't see them under Programs and Features.
    <link to Virtualization Manager 2022.3 Release Notes...>
    <link to SolarWinds Platform 2022.3 Release Notes...>
    This way, you can easily test out other modules by activating an evaluation license.

  • Correct, it's one installer, one msi, that installs all the modules. But only the once you have license for will be available in the GUI.

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