2020.2.6 to 2022.3 > RC2 ?


I have downloaded Solarwinds-NPM-Installer.RC2.exe online installer (file version : 2022.3.0.1712) and installed it on a 2020.2.5 HF5 platform.

The upgrade was ok, and when I go to "my orion deployment/update" I have this screen :

2 questions :

- This message means that RC2 is available or that i'm currenlty in RC2 version ? Platform : SolarWinds Platform, UDT, NTA, NPM, NCM, SAM: 2022.3.0

- Why my platform is considered as offline ? We are using zscaler proxy, I supposed than an url is blocked, what is the good one in order to be whitelisted ?


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